An American Family Built For the Future

“Do you have your ‘offee, mommy?” This is what two-year-old Allen, son of Montclair State University student Jennifer Sutyak, asks her every morning. After making sure that Jennifer has her ‘offee, short for coffee, he wedges himself into the snug space between her leg and the arm of the couch. Allen enjoys a cup of chocolate milk while watching YouTube videos about dinosaurs, his current obsession, as Sutyak gets caught up on the morning news in their Clark, NJ home. After they relax on the co

Growing Numbers for Campus Content Creator

A walk through Montclair State University is both strange and entirely typical of a college campus: the Red Hawk statue standing tall among its students, professors running to class with hot coffee spilled between their fingers and forming wind tunnels making it impossible to walk in a straight, orderly line. However, one might not expect to see a young woman headed to class with some friends, all while videotaping herself. She’s a natural on camera, all blonde hair and a pearly-toothed smile,